Dana White Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before & After

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of fitness and weight loss. A number of celebrities, including Dana White, have undergone dramatic transformations and achieved amazing results.

Dana White Weight Loss

UFC President Dana White has always been in great shape, but he recently lost 30lbs and looks better than ever. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at Dana White’s weight loss journey, including his diet and workout routine. We’ll also see before and after photos to see the amazing transformation that he’s made.

Who is Dana White?

Dana Frederick White Jr. (born July 28, 1969) is an American businessman and the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company in the world. He has held this position since 2001. Under White's leadership, the UFC has grown into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

White was born in Manchester, Connecticut, and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He began his career in the boxing industry and later transitioned into the MMA industry. In 2008, White was inducted into the World MMA Hall of Fame. He has also been named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.

How Did Dana White Lose Weight?

White was given the stark warning after meeting with Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems, who estimated his life expectancy based on blood and DNA samples.

Dana White is widely known for his love of mixed martial arts (MMA). He is also known for his impressive weight loss transformation, which he achieved by following a healthy diet and exercise program.

According to White, he was motivated to lose weight after being given a stark warning by his doctor. White met with Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems, who estimated his life expectancy based on blood and DNA samples. Brecka told White that he needed to lose weight and improve his lifestyle habits or he would likely not live to see his birthday.

White was shocked by this news and immediately set out to lose weight. He changed his diet and started working out regularly, and the results were impressive. White lost over 30 pounds.

White says that he changed his diet and started working out regularly. He also gave up alcohol and started taking supplements to help him lose weight and increase his energy levels. In just a few short months, he was able to lose a significant amount of weight and get his health back on track.

If you're looking to make a similar transformation, White says that the most important thing is to change your lifestyle. He says that you need to make healthy eating and exercise a priority if you want to see results.

As He changed his diet and lifestyle habits and made some key changes to his lifestyle that allowed him to lose weight and keep it off. If you're looking to lose weight, you can learn from Dana White's story and adopt some of the same strategies that he used to achieve success.

Dana White Weight Loss Diet

He is also a devoted husband and father. To stay in shape and be able to do his job properly, he follows a very specific diet.

  • On Monday and Tuesday, Dana White eats a low-carb diet. This means that he avoids all carbohydrates, including bread, pasta, rice, and sugars. Instead, he focuses on eating lean protein and vegetables.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday, Dana White moderates his carb intake. This means that he still avoids sugars and simple carbs, but he adds in some complex carbs like whole wheat bread, brown rice, and oatmeal.
  • On Friday, Dana White allows himself to have a high-carb day. This means that he eats all types of carbs, including sweets and simple carbs. He also eats more calories than usual on this day.
  • On Saturday, Dana White eats whatever he wants. He doesn’t restrict himself to any particular type of food and he doesn’t worry about his calorie intake.
  • On Sunday, Dana White starts the cycle over again with a low-carb day.

Dana White Workout Plan

When it comes to fitness and working out, UFC president Dana White is no slouch. In fact, he is known for being in excellent shape and takes his workouts very seriously. So, what does Dana White's workout routine look like? We have the scoop!

Dana White's workout routine revolves around boxing and running. He starts his day with a few rounds of shadowboxing to warm up, followed by a few rounds of pad work. After that, it's time for a mile run on the treadmill. To cool down, he jumps ropes for nine minutes.

In addition to his boxing and running regimen, Dana White also weight trains two to three times a week. He focuses on different muscle groups each day, alternating between heavy and light days.

So, there you have it! This is a glimpse into Dana White's workout routine. As you can see, he takes his fitness seriously and puts in the work to maintain his excellent physique.

Here is a sample of the Dana White workout plan:

  • RING CIRCLES: (ring for a few minutes to warm up)
  • SHADOWBOXING (Three rounds)
  • PAD WORK (four to six rounds)
  • MILE RUN (on the treadmill)
  • JUMP ROPE (Nine minutes.)

Dana White Weight Loss Before & After Images

In the before and after pictures below, you can see the amazing transformation that White has made in just a few short years. Through hard work and dedication, White has not only lost a significant amount of weight but he's also managed to keep it off.

If you're looking for inspiration to help you on your own weight loss journey, look no further than Dana White. As you can see from the before-and-after photos.

Dana White Weight Loss
Dana White Weight Loss Before & After Images
Dana White Weight Loss Before & After Images


Diet and exercise are the two most important factors in weight loss. Dana White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is a great example of this. He has lost a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise, and he looks great! If you want to lose weight, share this article with your friends and family.

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