Amy Fadool Weight Loss: Before And After

"This is a blog about Amy Fadool's weight loss journey. It includes her before and after photos, as well as her story about how she lost weight and kept it off."
Amy Fadool Weight Loss

Amy Fadool is a sports broadcaster whose weight loss journey was inspirational to many. What was even more inspiring was the fact that she did not reveal her weight to the public until she had already lost a significant amount of weight. 

Who is Amy Fadool?

Amy Fadool is a sports anchor/reporter who currently works for NBC Sports Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and started her career in broadcast journalism at WINK-TV in Fort Myers, Florida. Amy has worked in a variety of roles in the sports industry, including as a sideline reporter for NFL and college football games. In her current role at NBC Sports Philadelphia, she covers the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies.

Amy Fadool Weight Loss Journey

Amy Fadool is looking noticeably slimmer these days, but she’s not revealing how much weight she’s lost.

In a recent Instagram post, Fadool showed off her new physique in a black workout outfit, writing, “ reset, refresh, recharge.”

Fadool, who left CSN Philly in November after more than 10 years with the network, has been open about her battle with weight in the past.

In a 2016 blog post on her website, she revealed that she had struggled with her weight for most of her life.

“I can recall being an overweight child and, sadly, not much has changed since then,” she wrote.

Fadool said she had tried “pretty much every diet out there,” but nothing had worked for her in the long term.

“I’ve been up and down the scale so many times, I’ve lost count,” she wrote.

But it looks like Fadool has finally found a way to get her weight under control, and she’s sharing her story in hopes of inspiring others to make healthy lifestyle changes.

“If I can lose all this weight, with my busy and at times chaotic life, so can YOU!” she wrote"

Fadool said she will be sharing diet and fitness tips on her social media accounts in the coming weeks and months, including meal plans and workout routines.

Amy Fadool Weight Loss Before And After Images

While Amy has not shared her exact weight loss plan, she has said that she made some lifestyle changes and stuck to a healthy diet. Judging by her before and after photos, it is clear that Amy's hard work has paid off!

Amy Fadool Weight Loss
Amy Fadool Weight Loss

Is Amy Fadool Pregnant Again In 2022? 

No, Amy Fadool is not pregnant in 2022. The older picture that some people have seen is from when Amy was pregnant with her last child.


We explore the weight loss journey of one woman. This article would be beneficial for anyone who is looking to lose weight, as it provides an inside look at the process and the challenges faced. It also includes before and after photos, which is always motivation for anyone starting their own weight loss journey. Share this article with anyone you know who may be inspired by Amy's story.

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